Accenture PLC is a global professional services company and provides consulting services

Accenture PLC is a global professional services company and provides consulting services in digital, technology and operations.

Accenture PLC is a global professional services company and provides consulting services

Accenture PLC is a global professional services company and provides consulting services in digital, technology and operations.

One of the leading multinational companies in the field of management consulting and outsourcing, Accenture Incorporated has now become the global leader in consulting services and is also a Fortune 500 Company. Not only is the brand now on Fortune’s list, but also offers efficient services and solutions to multiple companies who are on the Fortune Global 100 and Global 500 lists.


Accenture was previously a business and technology consulting division of an accounting organization called Arthur Andersen. The first undertaking was automating payroll processing and manufacturing for a client in Kentucky. In 1989, Arthur Andersen and Andersen Consulting became separate units of Andersen Worldwide Société Coopérative (AWSC). On 1 January 2001, Andersen Consulting adopted its current name, "Accenture".

Operations and Strategy

Today, Accenture has approximately 204,000 workforce with approximately 4,500 senior executives and can claim their global reach to consist of offices and operations in more than 200 cities in 53 countries situated in the Americas, Asia-Pacific, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Pierre Nanterme, a French business executive, is currently the chairman and CEO of Accenture.

Headquartered in Dublin since 2009, Accenture offers services in widely 5 categories which are Communications, Media and Technology, Financial Services, Products, Resources, Health and Global Resources. Within these broad groupings, Accenture provides strategic, technological, business, operational and digital solutions to numerous sub-industries.

Accenture’s strength is using its technology capabilities and industrial knowledge for the founding of new business and technology trends and developing solutions to help clients around the world enter new markets or to increase revenues in existing markets. Improving operational performance and teaching clients how to deliver their products and services more effectively and efficiently is one specialty area of Accenture. 

Accenture's high-performance business strategy is purely based on its experience in consulting, technology and outsourcing to improve its client's performance. The key to this is its Matrix organizational structure which works on a project basis. In Accenture, each project has a project manager and a functional manager. Thus each employee or project worker has two managers who ensure that work is done smoothly and efficiently.

While on the outside Accenture looks like a ruthless and robust clockwork machine, we can see an extremely harmonious and comfortable work culture. Cultural diversity is promoted and place due emphasis on team building initiatives, which keep in line with Accenture’s core value of attracting, developing and retaining the best talents for their business.

Awards and Achievements

The company is also no stranger to awards and acclaim. It obtained recognition as a Global Leader when it achieved a ranking of 47 on Interbrand’s Best Global Brands study. It was announced as a Top 20 highest performing tech company in 2009. Accenture was named to Universum’s 2010 World’s Top 50 Most Attractive Employers, ranking in the top 25 on both Business and Engineering lists.

Newsweek ranked the company No. 11 overall and No. 1 in the Industrial Goods sector in its 2010 Green Rankings.In 2010, Accenture was recognized in CIO Magazine’s “CIO 100” in the “Business Services/Consulting” industry. With multitudes of experience and a talented workforce, Accenture today is leading global corporation providing solutions to clients spread across the world.